The Rotary Foundation – District 9600

Club Grant Guidelines

Rotary Year 2018-2019


Now is the time for your Club to apply for a share of our District’s allocation of $41,000 in

District Grant funds. The deadline for receipt of applications is April 26, 2018.


1. These guidelines seek to encourage our clubs to carry out humanitarian service and educational projects, and to continue their financial support for The Rotary Foundation, with a goal of each Rotarian in the District meeting the US$100 annual giving level (Every Rotarian, Every Year). The District’s grant application procedures are set forth to help assure stewardship and accountability for Rotary Foundation funds entrusted to D9600 Rotarians and to establish financial guidelines for oversight of Rotary Foundation funds.


2. Where a conflict exists or develops between District 9600 guidelines and the policies,

bylaws, or rules of The Rotary Foundation or of Rotary International, The Rotary Foundation or Rotary International policy will apply.


3. All qualified clubs are encouraged to submit a District Grant Application for no more than three projects proposed during the Rotary year. Clubs with more than one application should rank them in order of priority. The applications will be reviewed by the District Grant Committee as a group. The Committee will give first preference to clearly qualified, complete applications submitted, after which any remaining applications will be reviewed and ranked by the Committee. Club contributions toward Foundation giving and club contribution to the

project will be taken into consideration if the number of grants exceeds the funds requested. Unlike in the past few years, the committee does NOT intend to offer a second round of

grants. This practice has resulted in considerable delays in receiving our District Grant and

disbursing funds to our clubs.


4. Grant awards to any one club on any one project will not exceed $5,000. Project budgets may exceed the $10,000, and sources should be noted in the grant application.  Separate grants from the same club cannot fund the same project.  However, two or more clubs can partner and combine their grants for one project.   No club grant application shall exceed $5000 of foundation funding and no more than six (6) clubs may work together on any one specific project. No more than $10,000 will be awarded to any one club for 2018-2019 Rotary Year.  District Grants are intended to fund short-term, more modest endeavors, with total project budgets under $30,000. Projects with higher budgets should be funded by Global Grants.


5. Projects cannot start until the club receives approval from the District for the grant project.

No reimbursements are allowed for projects started prior to the approval date.


6. Approved projects must be completed with a final report submitted to the District

Grants Subcommittee not later than May 15, 2019 or May 1 2018 for 2017-18 grants.


7. Any number of the following factors (listed below) will be considered by the District Grant

Committee in determining whether to award a grant.

  • percentage of club members with direct, hands-on involvement in the project;

  • number of persons directly benefitted by the proposed project;

  • sustainability of the proposed project;

  • long-term impact on the affected community;

  • degree to which the project conforms to District 9600 guidelines for District Grants;

  • the proposed project fits within one of The Rotary Foundation’s six Areas of Focus;

  • the proposed project benefits those in greatest need;

  • club is current on all grant reporting and its history of prior reporting;

  • completeness and accuracy of the grant application;

  • prior year per capita support for the Rotary Foundation’s Annual Fund.


8. District Match. District Grants will be awarded to Rotary clubs on a matching basis, up to a $2 for $1 match. Clubs donating to The Rotary Foundation Annual Fund will be eligible for a match of district to club funds, depending on the club’s record of per capita giving. Clubs with per capita giving at lower levels will be eligible on a reduced matching ratio.


For approved projects, for each dollar a club contributes to its proposed project, the maximum District will match the club’s contribution on the following basis, up to available District Grant funds:






9. Before the end of each of July, October, January and April reports will be provided to the Grants Sub Committee, re update on the progress of the project and expected completion.